Fulton County Permit Information

ARIES, Inc. is approved by Fulton County to perform residential inspections. Mark Wayne, Ph.D., P.E. and Lauren Wayne, P.E. of ARIES, Inc. are approved to perform all inspections permitted by the third party inspection program.

At the current time third party engineers are not permitted to perform the final site inspection as this must be performed by Fulton County.

At the current time Inspection Services include: foundation inspections (building footing, monolithic slab (slab on grade), basement and garage slab, building basement and wing wall steel), retaining wall inspections (footings and walls constructed of concrete, timber, and geosynthetic reinforced masonry walls), slab plumbing, sewer, Rough and Final Inspections (building, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical ), Deck footing and Framing. Engineering Services include: Basement wall and subwall design, foundation design pre and post construction, retaining wall design and analysis for permit submission (concrete, timber, masonry, geosynthetic reinforced dry stacked masonry walls), Structural (Framing) design and analysis, Pre-Framing consultation / Review of Architectural plans.

To learn how to check permit status on your homes, obtain permit forms and new development requirements for Fulton County, click here.

To obtain permit results on-line visit the Permit Inspections page by clicking here.

ARIES, Inc. is required to obtain the original certificate for submission to the county. To print out the Elevation Certificate Requirements,click here.

To view the changes in foundation and footing inspections, click here. What this means:

1) Deck footings must be inspected
2) Deck framing must be inspected
3) The 130 deck footing and 135 deck framing must be inspected and released
prior to obtaining a C.O.



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